To Locate And Repatriate The Fallen Heroes Providing Closure And Peace To Their Family !


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Recovering Remains

After 1975, there were an estimated number of 165,000 military officers and soldiers sent to the so-called “Re-Education Camps” throughout North Vietnam according to Dart Center, a project of Columbia University’s School of Journalism. Many of these didn’t make it home and their remains are still languishing in the deep jungle of Vietnam and they deserved to be home with their families. VAF so far has successfully recovered just 504 and many more need to be searched, identified and bring home to their families. Thanks to the U.S. government and its embassy in Vietnam, the cooperative effort of the current Vietnamese government and most of all, thanks to you as our supporters. With your support, we will continue our efforts to bring them home to their families. VAF is a 501.c3 non-profit organization and all of its staff are 100% volunteers.

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Repairing & Restoring

After so many years of abandonment, this once beautiful 125 acres national cemetery located in Bien Hoa is now reduced to just about 30 acres and is in desperate need of repair and preservation. This is the final resting place of 18,643 Vietnamese sons and daughters who gave their ultimate sacrifice for the call of duty. The government they fought for no longer exists and the flag that draped on their coffins is now banned but their sacrifice will forever remain in our hearts. Sir William Ewart once said “Show me the manner in which a nation cares for its dead and I will measure with mathematical exactness the tender mercies of its people, their respect for the laws of the land, and their loyalty to high ideals.” No matter what side you are on, these are the sons and daughters born from the Vietnamese mothers ‘wombs and their sacrifices must not ever be forgotten.

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Children Scholarship

Even though VAF’s primary focuses are on searching for the remains of our Fallen Heroes and restoring our national cemetery at Bien Hoa, we are also passionate about the future of the poor Vietnamese children. Our goal is to be able to provide up to 100 academic scholarships for K12 students each worth from $250 to $500 U.S.D to the Vietnamese children solely based on financial needs. VAF is fortunate to have Dr. Dong Chau Nguyen, one of the board of directors, is in charge (committee chair) for this cause. VAF will work with the local schools and religious organizations to help us search, identify and evaluate each application thoroughly. You as the donor will receive a full report of all the awards given and the total amount spent on this cause. Contact us if you wish to sponsor a child or to learn more about this great cause.

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